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Wonderful photo of the former Limerick Ryan Hotel (Ennis Road) in todays Irish Times – It was taken from a helicopter hired by local residents who wanted to see what was going on behind the HUGE green canvas fence that surrounds the site. The developers have been served with an enforcement order to reinstate a 7 story wing that they had been partially removed!
All this on a development that was opposed by EVERY councillor. The assumption appears to have been that once it’s covered up by a big tent you can do what you want!
The Times article does not mention however that the 7 story wing was truely hideous.

Post from 5th May 2005 (Page 1)

Ardhu House with Clarion Aparthotel

Ardhu Ryan Hotel Ryans Irish Hotel Ltd.
Permission for alterations to and the extension of the existing six storey over lower half storey bedroom wing of the Ardhu Ryan Hotel to include the following: demolition of the existing link corridor and offices]Bounded by North Circular
Rd., Roses Avenue &
Ennis Road,[/B]

Budelli Ltd
Permission for the construction of a glazed link between Ardhu House (Protected Structure) and the aparthotel permitted under Reg. Ref. 03/206 (ABP Ref. PL30.204868) and all associated development and site works, all at the site of the Ardhu Limerick Ryan Hotel. The proposed link has a floor area of 192 sq. m and extends for the full length of the northern elevation of the permitted aparthotel with connections to the permitted aparthotel at the entrances on the eastern, northern and western elevations. The link is to be connected with the existing glazed link located on the southern elevation of Ardhu House (Protected Structure).

I never saw this photo but when I stumbled across some images of the renovated Ardhu House Hotel today, I took a look on the city councils planning map site and it showed beautifully, the canvas coverings around the old 7 storey building in the aerial image below. The first two images unfortunately only shows partially the renovated Hotel. Is the development work now completely finished?
Anybody got better images?

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