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The Opera Shopping Centre a repeat of the Arthur’s Quay Shopping Centre?

It’s actually worse – it’s far bigger. It will suck all the pedestrians off the surrounding streets via it’s two entrances. Most who arrive by car will never set a foot on the city streets at all – they will use the footbridge. Patrick Street and Ellen Street will be dead zones in the city. I don’t know how old you are but I’ve seen this happen before; before Arthur’s Quay, Patrick Street was a lively, pedestrian-filled and important part of Limericks retail infrastructure. Yes some of the Georgian buildings were somewhat delapidated but within a few years of Arthurs Quay opening, it declined to what it is now. After the Opera centre it will be as dead as Francis Street. To foresee this isn’t planning rocket science – it’s simply obvious what happens when you turn city blocks “inside out” – people will stay on the inside.

Like I said, this is 80’s style development; what Limerick needs is more of what I saw being developed in the Bedford Row/Henry St areas the last time I was there; large modern retail units facing onto regenerated streets containing restored historic stock complementing the existing smaller outlets and promoting cafes and pubs and the sense of being in a city rather than visiting another souless, windowless, characterless shopping centre where you could be anywhere and which will never offer anything more than what is available in its suburban counterparts.

In the past there was the argument that the country couldn’t afford to maintain historic buildings. This is no longer the case; the remaining Georgians on Patrick Street and the other historical stock in that block should be restored; they would look stunning. Using their retained fascades to contain service corridoors is worse than full demolition and replacement with modern stock, in my opinion.

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