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jimg wrote:
I really hope that this doesn’t go ahead as planned. The destruction of historic building stock is one thing but can sometimes be defended for the sake of developing the city. This design will harm the city]

Tuborg wrote:
I really cant understand amongst growing suspicion and uncertainty why the developers haven&#8217]

The Opera Shopping Centre a repeat of the Arthur’s Quay Shopping Centre?

I thought I post a photo of Arthur’s Quay from circa 1960 (Book Limerick ~ a stroll down Memory Lane Vol. 3 Page 4).

It shows Arthur’s Quay itself before it was reclaimed by a land fill in the 1960’s for a surface car park. I never really considered the “Arthur’s Quay Shopping Centre” as a proper shopping centre. In fact it is more of a multi-storey car park with a supermarket and a handful of shops. Even it’s external appearance looks like a multi-storey car park. In fact the multi-storey car park replaced the surface car park outside, which in turn was converted into the Arthur’s Quay Public Park. However one part of a Georgian terrace block on Patrick Street was demolished for the redevelopment in the 1980’s. To be honest some of these buildings were in a dangerous state with at least one if not two had already collapsed on to the street in the late 1970’s. The other half of the Georgian terrace block remained intact and in fact one or two integrated their shops into the little shopping mall inside and also retained their shop front on Patrick Street on the outside.

If the Opera Shopping Centre would take this on board by let say gutting the inside of the Georgian buildings with concrete floors, instead of demolishing them. These Georgian buildings would then have a shop front access from both the street (Rutland, Patrick and Ellen) and from inside the Mall on ground floor. Access to the first, second and third floors could be restricted from inside the Mall only. Demolishing the AIB building on the corner for one of the main entrances is o.k. as the building is relatively new, however but not with that ghastly design as seen on the local press.

I’m not too keen on the overhead bridge (external car park) for Ellen Street, would give the impression of a back street for serving the shopping centre. I don’t see a problem for Michael Street to be used for deliveries at the old work space building. The street is dominated by the Granary building and was always a quiet back street. Bank Place will get an injection of new life with a standalone three storey caf

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