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Foreign Affairs Building Site

Planning Applications

Demolition of sheds and structures at 23 Henry St.; Demolition of 24 Henry St. and the sheds and extensions to the rear; Demolition of the sheds and structures to the rear of 76-78 O’Connell St.; Demolition of a boundary wall and two toilet and stair returns to the rear of 79-83 O’Connell St. Construction of a pedestrian access and ancillary maintenance works to the archway at Hartstonge St. Excavation and construction of a basement car park on the site, to include the widening of Savins Lane and the provision of a through road from Savins Lane to Hartstonge St. via the Archway, Hartstonge St., a Protected Structure. Construction of a single six storey building fronting 23/24 Henry St. with 44 apartments (2 one bedroom and 42 two bedroom), ground floor and basement retail and ground floor office use. Construction of a single six storey building to the rear of 76-83 O’Connell St., with 74 apartments (6 one bedroom & 66 two bedroom & 2 three bedroom).
Rear of 76-83 OConnell St
& 23-24 Henry Street

for the demolition of the existing buildings, out-buildings and structures at the above addresses, the construction of a basement car park including a retail storage area and the construction of a sixth storey building over to include four retail shops at ground level including all associated ancillary accommodation, first floor suite with 24 apartments over including all associated site works and site development works. This proposal is located in an architectural conservation area and no. 24, 25 and 26 Henry St. are Protected Structures
No’s 24, 25, 26, 27 and
the Carcom building
Henry Street

Permission for alteration to permissions Ref. No. P04/431 and P04/521 (both protected structures) to include alterations and elevations and variation of use from apartments to office use, alterations to carpark layout and ancillary works for site
23-27 Henry Street
76-83 O’Connell Street

I took a few snap-shots of the proposed site for the partly decentralisation of the foreign affairs during the week. The site is now cleared and they are busy driving foundation piles into the ground. This upper part of Henry Street has come on well over the years and is predominately driven by office developments.

Image #1 shows the work-in-progress and the rear of the former County Council buildings.
Image #2 shows the rejuvenation that has already taken place across the road from the late 80’s / early 90’s.
Image #3 is also across the road from the new development and shows the former Presbyterian Church (now office accommodation) being over shadowed by the riverpoint tower.

Alas lost a bit of quality by down sizing the images!

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