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@CologneMike wrote:

King’s Island

Sorry but I found the tone of your post on the Island Field to be somewhat unfair, it gives the impression that there are only thugs living there, god only knows the crap and intimidation the residents of the island field have to put up with on a daily basis from our infamous “family-feud-saga” and a handful of dysfunctional families! The people of the island field are sound. I don’t want to start a discussion on the social ills of some our council estates in Limerick, as the Archiseek-forum’s emphasis is on architecture.

However you could be right in saying that the negative news emanating from there, could be holding back the redevelopment of the King’s Island as a cultural and tourist amenity.

Sadly the old Abbey area seems to be gone and is now been rejuvenated by new hotels, apartments etc. etc. Hope the new residents will put some new lease of life back into the old sandmall.

With respect, I think you’ve missed my point. My point isn’t that the Island field is wholly populated by thugs, but rather, this entire quarter of town is allowed be ruined by thugs. 15 years ago Thomondgate and Ballynanty would have been seen as pretty rough areas but they’ve been steadily improved (by both the residents and the city council), imo, the Island field hasn’t really seen any such improvement.

Poxy, I think your comments on Limerick are both unfair and misguided. All last week the papers were discussing drug dealing on the Liffey boardwalk, sadly, every city in Ireland, Dublin, Cork, Limerick or Galway has it’s share of social problems, one need only look at the dirt in Eyre Sq. to see Limerick isn’t alone in having it’s amenities vandalised. However, we need to be relentless in tackling this in Limerick, becuase Limerick’s repuatation is so much worse than that of the other small Irish cities.

On the Docks project, I think it’s fair to say I’m cynical of any plans to make developers rich. I’d much rather hear why the Shannon Port Company feel it’s wise to sell a profitable docks becuase they (through their own incompetance) have landed themselves in 20 million euro debt. It’s asset stripping disguised as development, though in this instance, I feel we have yet to hear the full story.

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