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Arts Centre / Film House

ShaneP, I had a closer look at some of your earlier posts dealing with proposals for a new Belltable Arts Centre / Film House from September of last year. Hailtothechimp had then complained that two years (now three) have passed and the awarded funds had still not be used to redevelop the Theatre Royal as a new Belltable Film House. One would wonder why? Bitter when 700.000 Euro in 2003 would have achieved more than one would get today in money terms, especially the way building costs have exploded out of control.

It seems like as if the whole Arts Centre / Film House is put on hold? Why?

I even came across another design from MOLA for a Limerick Arts Centre at Arthur’s Quay from a newspaper cutting (L.L.). I must say that your location at the Sarsfield Shopping Centre and your sketch appeals to me much better than that of MOLA’s below.

Sarsfield Shopping Centre / Arts Centre
Sooner or later redevelopment of this off the beaten track shopping centre will happen. With the shopping districts drifting more and more towards Patrick Street, this riverside location could be the jewel among all the riverfront developments to date. An Arts Centre here would enhance the Arthur’s Quay Park, no open space would have to be sacrificed, in fact your tunnel solution (car free zone) would make it a people friendly area. I could imagine the Foyer in your sketch to contain a lot of a glass, from there one would enjoy great views of the Shannon. Your sketch gives the impression of an outward-looking, welcoming building, letting in a lot of light from the park side of it. If MOLA’s location at the Arthur’s Quay Park were to consume open space there, then I would reject it. As a “lay-person” I find MOLA’s design to be too introvert looking, would not fit in with it’s surroundings, it’s spire-church-like form would not inspire me as an Arts Centre!

Size of Art Centre
Let’s say the Sarsfield’s S.C. was available for an Arts Centre. You must agree a building on this site would mean a rather large Arts Centre. One could bring many cultural activities under one roof. Such as a Film House, a 500-1000 seater theatre with a large stage for plays, dance and music performances, an Art Gallery, multi purpose rooms for workshops or civic functions. Caf

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