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Open Spaces: John’s Square

Thumb’s up for Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon, just sink your terrier teeth 😀 into those city officials and you will get the job done.

Fountain and moving statues for refurbished city square Limerick Post by Marie Hobbins

THERE may not be any more meetings of Limerick City Council until the end of September but that does not mean that Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon is going to let the grass grow under his feet while what could be a very attractive water fountain lies broken, dried up and neglected in a prominent city square.

With the terrier-like persistence 😀 characteristic of some of Limerick’s politicians, the councillor has been scratching for a firm commitment from City Hall that refurbishment of the once decorative fountain will get underway shortly.

Almost a year ago Cllr O’Hanlon was given an assurance by the city manager, Tom Mackey that the City Council would provide funding to refurbish the fountain and restore its surround. At the time the councillor pointed out that the eight million euro newly restored St John’s Cathedral was showing up the rundown appearance of the square and the fountain.

Speaking to the Limerick Post on Tuesday, he said that with the very attractive restoration of the Square’s former St John of the Cross Church to house the city’s dance company, Daghdha and other performing arts groups, an upgrade of the fountain was called for.

“Weeks of a long and hopefully hot summer still lie ahead of us and before so many of the officials in City Hall embark on their holidays I’ve been trying again to get a commitment on the fountain and am glad to say that work will commence very shortly.

“The city manager had initially intended to include this in an overall refurbishment of John’s Square, which would have included a plaza in front of the cathedral. To this end national funding is being looked for but meantime the fountain’s bowls and its general structure will be restored and lighting, as well as a surrounding low level railing and shrubbery will be installed.”

City Hall has confirmed that work will commence shortly on the fountain but it looks as though it will not be long before the councillor is back with another request.

“I’m very hopeful that the new orbital routes planned for the city will impact very positively on this lovely, historic square which could be transformed into a leading city attraction, with perhaps, open air concerts or dance performances taking place – I hope to have a word with the city co-ordination office on this. Meantime I’m recommending that the statue of Patrick Sarsfield currently standing behind the bars of the cathedral be moved to a prominent point in the square and as approved by City Council, that a specially commissioned commemoration of the late Pope John Paul 11 be erected on the spot vacated by Patrick Sarsfield.”

There was no official available for comment on this recommendation when contacted by the Limerick Post.

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