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Corbally Link Road and Park Canal Restoration Project [see Planning & Development / Park Canal Restoration Project

Any progress or news on these projects????

Problems reported February this year 😡

The second contractor chosen by City Council to build Phase Two of the Corbally Link Road has pulled out because they are too busy to complete the project, it has emerged.

Director of Transportation and Infrastructure at City Hall, Patrick Dromey confirmed at yesterday’s City Council meeting that plans to build a link connecting Grove Island to the Dublin Road would be further delayed.

Work on the longawaited €S.8 million project was due to start on February 10 last, but the contractor with the lowest tender pulled out.
The second lowest tender was then chosen, but the contractor informed Mr Dromey last Thursday that they would not be able to complete the project.

“The contractors say they have too much work on, the market is too buoyant. The second contractor indicated to us that he will withdraw but has not yet put it in writing,” said Mr Dromey.

Cllr Kieran Walsh described the situation as “nothing short of diabolical”.

“We got a guarantee that it would finish this year. I am sick of this. We have been waiting on due process for almost three years, it is long enough, there is a point where due process becomes incompetence,” said Cllr Walsh, who asked if City Manager Tom Mackey’s assertion that the road would be completed in 2006 would stand.
Mr Mackey replied: “As with all major contracts, we depend on contractors. We have to follow normal procedure, and if they pull out, we have to move onto the next guy. It is not that we do not wish to see it progress, it is a serious problem and we will seek a contractor to do the work and get it done as rapidly as possible.”

Plans for phase two of the Corbally Link Road include the construction of a bridge over the canal, and will stretch for 370 metres along Park Road and a further 170 metres of Park Road will be widened before it joins up with the Dublin Road.

Map of Canal

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