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@Thomond Park wrote:

Opposition to Limerick Docks proposals

20 June 2006 16:15
Opposition to proposals to sell off or close Limerick Docks has intensified, following a legal challenge by one of the biggest exporters based at the docks.

The Shannon Foynes Port Company is currently examining tenders from a number of commercial interests who have ambitions to develop the 44-acre site.

The company wants to see what interest is in the market and will make a decision about its future by the end of September.

But there is considerable opposition among a number of commercial and community interests to any proposals to sell the docks.

Hegarty Metals, which has been exporting scrap metal from Limerick Docks for over 45 years, has lodged papers in the High Court to fight any plans to sell.

The port company says it will repel any move by what it describes as ‘vested interests’ to inhibit its right to determine the future of the docks.

Limerick City Council has also re-iterated its complete opposition to any proposals to sell or close the docks.

As far as i know the Shannon Foynes port company’s original plan was to fill in the inner wet dock so as to make the area more attractive to developers!, their position seemed to change shortly afterwards and they declared that they wanted to see the docks kept open. They seem to have changed their mind yet again now and are taking a more aggressive stance on the matter saying that “its their land and they wont be told how best to use it” . One thing is for sure the docklands cant be left in their current state, the area is neglected, partly derelict and vastly underutilised. In fairness the docks do have their limitations: the channel is too narrow to allow many ships to turn and not deep enough for the larger vessels. The port company has major plans to upgrade foynes port and also plan a new deep water facility at ballylongford in Kerry, these developments surely put a large question mark over the future of the Limerick city docks!

It would be a shame though if the docks were closed completely especially as limerick has been a port city for hundreds of years, there is a huge amount of undeveloped land not only in the docklands but also in the wider dock road area, the city council has big plans to turn the dock road into a sort of boulevard, i know it seems unlikely at the moment but thats the long term plan, also major residential, commercial & leisure facilities are planned for the old greenpark racecourse so really there isnt any need to close the docks down!

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