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This is from last weekends Limerick Post:

Developers defend hoardings

AN ENNIS Road furniture store claims its business collapsed overnight after developers erected 10ft hoardings all around the site.

Now, customers of Mattanah Furniture, directly opposite Supermacs on the Ennis Road, think the shop has closed, they say.

But the developers Caller View, headed by former Munster player Pat Whelan and auctioneer Pat Chesser, have defended their actions saying that all that they have done is “erect hoardings around lands that they own”.

Mr Whelan and Mr Chesser also made headlines last year when they erected a massive net all around the bedroom block of the Ardhu Ryan hotel and under its cover, proceeded to knock the building in three different sections.

Now, Matannah Furniture owner, Stephen Keogh, claims that the developers have been trying to get him out for the last couple of months, but he insists that he holds a legally binding lease. He says that the hoardings, which wrap around his shop, completely blocking it from roadside view, are forcing him out of business.

But he said that solicitors had now been appointed to handle the case and he could not comment further.

Mr Chesser declined to comment other than to say that “Caller View is erecting hoardings around the land they own”.

Work has already begun on demolishing derelict warehouses on the two to three acre site which is next door to the new Jetland Shopping Centre and is wrapped from one side and around to the rear by Ashbrook.

Permission has been granted for 90,000 sq ft of retail warehousing similar, the Limerick Post has been told, to the TK Max development on the Childer’s Road.

There is also provision for 200 parking spaces.

But the permission is up for judicial review on July 13 and 14 when, depending on the outcome, plans could collapse.

Residents appealed to An Bord Pleanala, the permission for the development which had been granted last year by Limerick City Council. But in March, An Bord Pleanala upheld the decision.

Another developer is now believed to be in dispute with Caller View which is leading to the High Court hearing next month.

Commenting to the Limerick Post, senior city planner Dick Toibin said that the current argument at the Ennis Road site is purely a matter between the tenant and the developer.

Furniture store manager, Noelle Kennedy told the Limerick Post that the hoardings were erected on the night of Monday week, May 22, and that their business had been “very good” until the following morning.

“We had a varied customer base, a lot of people with health board cheques, people wanting to kit out apartments top to bottom. But people naturally think that we’re closed now.” She also said that their storage warehouse on the adjoining site of an old petrol station, was also blocked overnight by a number of cars. “We couldn’t get our delivery trucks in or out,” she said.

Caller View has a number of members besides Mr Whelan and Mr Chesser involving also an associate group called Schooner Enterprises.

Last year, when residents of the neighbouring North Circular Road complained about developments by Bodelli Ltd (headed again by Mr Whelan and Mr Chesser) at the Ardhu Ryan site, Limerick City’s planning department argued that their permission did not extend to demolishing the hotel bedroom block. But the developers successfully argued that new legislation allowed for any free standing building which had never been residential, to be knocked without the necessity for permission.

This relates to An Bord Planala’s approval for a large retail park:rolleyes: beside the Jetland complex on the Ennis road. The site is currently occupied by a number of run down warehouses and a dis-used petrol station, the site backs onto the ashbrook estate and the reisdents have mounted a vigorous campaign against the development so much so that this is the 3rd application that has been submitted in the last 2-3 years, the previous 2 had both been approved by the city council but were turned down by an bord planala on the grounds that the development would cause serious traffic problems on an already heavily congested route. The 3rd application was altered to provide an entrance via a new link road off the clonmacken road that also serves the jetland centre, this was good enough for ABP and they subsequently approved it, the matter is up for judicial review in july so it looks like its not over yet!

This is the approved application:

The revised development proposals comprise an application for the demolition of all existing buildings on the site, and the development of a mixed retail/commercial warehouse park and ancillary roadwork’s on a 4,84 Ha site situated of the Ennis Road, south east of Ivan’s Junction, and adjoining the new Jetland/ Dunne’s store development in the Limerick County Council area of jurisdiction. This application comprises the following:
· The provision of 9 Retail / Commercial Warehousing units, of
10, 895 sq meters Gross floor area,
· An outdoor garden centre totalling 1,170 Sq meters,
· 1 No motor show room totalling 465 sq metres
· The provision of 463 car parking, and 76 bicycle spaces
· Improvements to Ennis Road to provide for a signalised junction at the approved Clonmacken / Ennis link road intersection
· The construction of a round about junction on the approved link road.

4.84 ha. 4.6 ha. of the development site is located within the administrative area of Limerick City Council. The proposal ranges in height from 5.2m to 9.2m.

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