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Open Spaces: John’s Square (Part 2 of 3)

John’s Gate (Wall remnants and Citadel)
2 L-Shaped Blocks of Buildings
St. John’s Cathedral (R.C.)
St. John’s Hospital
St. John of the Cross (C. of I.) Home to Daghdha Dance Company
Cemetery (Burial ground C. of I.)
Patrick Sarsfield Monument

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St John’s Church

This deconsecrated Church of Ireland church was in a ruinous state when we got involved in its restoration some years ago in association with Limerick Corporation. The entire building has been re-roofed and work is on-going on the restoration of its exterior. Meticulous attention is being given to the architectural features and where necessary precise replicas are being provided to replace perished areas.

St John’s Churchyard Wall

This wall was built in 1697 after the sieges. The vibrations from the heavy traffic using the nearby road have weakened St Johns Churchwall wall foundations. The wall is being rebuilt on reinforced foundations in exactly the same location using the original salvaged stone.

John’s Square
Limerick was still a fortified city when John Pardon and Edmund Sexton started work on the building of New Square, now known as John’s Square. This development which cost £630 was designed by Francis Bandana and it was begun in 1751 and was Limerick’s first taste of fashionable urban architecture and civic space. The development was to test the local gentry on their taste of townhouses. The development consists of two L-shaped blocks of houses built in local limestone.

St John’s Cathedral
The English architect of St. John’s Cathedral, Philip Charles Hardwick was at work at Adare Manor when he was commissioned to design this Roman Catholic cathedral. the main body of the church was constructed between 1856-61. The spire at 280 feet tall is one of the three tallest in the country was completed in 1883 to the designs of local architect M.A. Hennessy. Unlike other Roman Catholic Cathedrals of the period, the exterior of the church is quite severe, with very little external decoration except around the dooways. The windows are kept small and to a minimum, and there is only one external statue on the façade. This should be compared with the exteriors of Armagh and Monaghan where arcades of statues adorn the exterior. The upper levels of the soaring spire is more decorative than the mainbody of the cathedral, perhaps due to the different architect. The church has a fine interior which has been modernised in line with the Vatican II changes but without undue detrimental effect on the building.

Conservation of St John’s Cathedral a success see Virtual Tour (Broadband recommended)

John’s Gate

St. John’s Hospital
Was founded in 1780 by Lady Hartstonge, who was the wife if Sir Henry Hartstonge, M.P. for Limerick.
The oldest part of the Hospital, which now accommodates the X-ray and Pharmacy Departments, is located in the 14th century Guardhouse/Citadel, which was part of the walled city of Limerick. Over the late 18th century and the first half of the nineteeth century the Hospital was known as the Fever and Lock Hospital. Fever and cholera were rampant in the city at the time, particularly in the years leading up to and during the famine of the mid 1800s.


Patrick Sarsfield

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