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New city site purchased for Foreign Affairs staff: (see Justnotbothered posting / page 25 / #610)

Article: Development Co-operation Ireland relocate to Henry Street Limerick

Theres something strange about this story, the local press claimed that the building which the DCI were moving into “required major refurbishment”, but in all fairness every single building on this Henry st site is basically condemned,you’d think they’d actually do their research on these things! I think there are proteced structures on the site but these are probably part of the former county council offices to the rear of the site, according to the planning records there are 2 planning applications approved for the site (23-28 henry st), the first one is for:

Demolition of sheds and structures at 23 Henry St.; Demolition of 24 Henry St. and the sheds and extensions to the rear; Demolition of the sheds and structures to the rear of 76-78 O’Connell St.; Demolition of a boundary wall and two toilet and stair returns to the rear of 79-83 O’Connell St. Construction of a pedestrian access and ancillary maintenance works to the archway at Hartstonge St. Excavation and construction of a basement car park on the site, to include the widening of Savins Lane and the provision of a through road from Savins Lane to Hartstonge St. via the Archway, Hartstonge St., a Protected Structure. Construction of a single six storey building fronting 23/24 Henry St. with 44 apartments (2 one bedroom and 42 two bedroom), ground floor and basement retail and ground floor office use. Construction of a single six storey building to the rear of 76-83 O’Connell St., with 74 apartments (6 one bedroom & 66 two bedroom & 2 three bedroom).

It was subsequently revised to include more office space, Also this is a description of the materials being used in the development,: (seems to be an awful lot of grey!)

The accepted palette of materials are as follows;Grey metal fascia, grey metal cladding, dark grey painted steel balconies with clear glazed panels, smooth white plaster, dark grey aluminium/pvc window frames with clear or obscure glazing as annotated on elevations, limestone cladding as per sample submitted, brick finish to be agreed in conjunction with brick to be used on development under ref P04/521, grey steel doors with or without glazing and reused stone from the demolition of the former “drawing office” and grey steel canopy, gates, barriers.

Meanwhile the second application is as follows:

No’s 25, 26, 27 and
the Carcom building
Henry Street

for the demolition of the existing buildings, out-buildings and structures at the above addresses, the construction of a basement car park including a retail storage area and the construction of a sixth storey building over to include four retail shops at ground level including all associated ancillary accommodation, first floor suite with 24 apartments over including all associated site works and site development works.

The story goes on to say that the buildings will be ready for occupation by mid 2007 but the last time i was down there site clearance hadnt even started let alone construction, not a hope is it going to be ready in time!, i really dont see the point in setting such unrealistic timescales!

One last thing!, according to a recent city council meeting a decision on the proposed Opera complex is due within the next 3 weeks!

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