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@billy the squid wrote:

Yeah mate what you got to say for yourself, the feckers at the post accused me of SCRUBBING the picture from

I’m going to have to have a little word with the author of that story!.

Billy you are absolutely right to tackle the Limerick Post author. The author’s sloppy and lazy journalisim left a bitter taste in my mouth after reading the article. Allegations! What Allegations?
Firstly the pictures are not fakes but are freely available to see at the under on-going projects. [Newenham Mulligan & Associates architects for Roches Stores!]
Secondly the irritation by the Limerick City Council I mentioned was written about by the same paper see below.
Thirdly I quote “The posting referring to the “recladding” on the Limerick Blogger website was removed the day after the Limerick Post contacted Roches Stores about the development.” Rubbish it is still there to be seen under the April archives!
Anyway here is what the Limerick Post had written in the past.

Pressure on Roches Stores over Liddy Street

By Marie Hobbins
A CITY councillor wanted to know why a section of one of the busiest city centre areas has turned into a “ghost street” when he raised the issue at a recent meeting of City Council’s Economic Policy Development and Future Planning Strategic Policy Committee.

Cllr Kevin Kiely was referring to a number of closed shops in an area between the rear of Roches Stores and Martin’s pub on Liddy Street

Reminding the committee that Roches Stores purchased the shops some years ago, Cllr Kiely said it was unacceptable that the properties have been lying idle since and that consequently the street has become run down and shabby.

Limerick City Council’s senior planner, Dick Tobin said that they have had discussions with both Roches Stores and Dunnes Stores (located on neighbouring Sarsfield Street) regarding development of the block but that so far no planning applications for development have been submitted.

“We may incorporate this area into a new city centre development plan for the city and will then put pressure on the owners to commence development,” Mr Tobin told Cllr Kiely.

Cllr Kiely said that Roches Stores had originally purchased some land in the vicinity from the then Limerick Corporation “at below market value” and that “pressure should now be put on them to commence development”.
The Limerick Post telephoned Roches Stores headquarters in Dublin for their comment on the issue but at by time of going to press they had not replied to a message left on their marketing manager’s voice mail.

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