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Rave reviews to my posting about the on-going Roches-Stores project or just a little storm in a tea-cup!

Below an article from today’s Limerick Post

Roches is just getting a paint job

Mystery surrounds websites’ allegations that the facade is being reclad.

DESPITE two websites posting pictures of how Roches Stores will look after its “recladding”, the general manager of the Limerick branch has refuted claims that renovation work is taking place on the facade of the landmark building.

Two websites, and the Limerick Blogger posted details of the “development” at the Roches Stores building on the corner of O’Connell Street and Sarsfield Street. Both websites also carried photos of the planned development, although by Tuesday afternoon, the Blogger photo had disappeared off the page.

When the Limerick Post contacted Roches Stores regarding the alleged developments, they quickly refuted the claims. Although scaffolding was erected three weeks ago, general manager Michael Buckley insists that the department store is “merely getting a paint job”.

Mr Buckley told the Limerick Post; “No recladding or other outward renovation is taking place. As far as I’m concerned we are only painting our building.”

Limerick Civic Trust does not have any concerns about the mystery however as the building is not a heritage building.

“The original building on that site was burnt to the ground in the 1940s or 1950s,” recalled Denis Leonard. “So it’s a reasonably new building and would not be protected as a result.”

There is no planning application lodged with Limerick City Council for alterations to the facade, and planning permission is not required for painting works.

The posting first appeared on the archiseek website, which is an online forum in which architects and members of the general public can share their views on architectural debates.

The Roches Stores post, along with three photos, was part of the website’s forum.

The posting referring to the “recladding” on the Limerick Blogger website was removed the day after the Limerick Post contacted Roches Stores about the development.

A spokesperson for Archiseek said; “Archiseek is a discussion forum, the views posted are of the poster only and not the views of the publisher of the site.”


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