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Limerick Post 11/3/06
EU could investigate People’s Park building
by John O’Shaughnessy

MUNSTER MEP Kathy Sinnott has raised the widespread public concern in Limerick over the private housing development in the People’s Park with officials of the European Parliament, according to local community activist Sean O’Neill.

In correspondence with Mr O ‘Neill, Ms Sinnott said she had taken a key interest in the project and had raised it with the family of the Earl of Limerick.

“She is now ascertaining if a strategic Environment directive applies to the development. The environmental impact assessment directive requires either an EIA or a transparent screening process on whether or not it needed an EIA”, said Mr O’Neill.

Ms Sinnott says that the process would/should have included public consultation in an urban development of this nature.

“If we can establish that there was no compliance with this directive then we can try to involve EU”, she said.

“Prior to the completion of the development, she visited the People’s Park and voiced here concern in regard to the project. She said she was glad that the Earl of Limerick had now gone public with his reservation on the land deal that allowed the apartments to be built.

Any investigation into this project would be most welcome, i got a proper look at it for the first time last week and it really is a pretty vulgar yoke, a typically cheap and cheerless development, the frontage to edward st is particularly bulky and awkward looking and despite being less than a year old its got a pretty dischevelled look about it already, you would really have to wonder about its long term durability. Also i see works on the foundations of the development on the adjacent site are well underway, i understand this is going to be another mixed use commercial/residential development which is also to house limerick city councils environmental services depot!.

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