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Well isn’t that lovely for Cork, I’m sure your are right!! :rolleyes: well im not going to argue against Cork ,not to mention that you have have a of much of county Cork covered
Not all the suburbs in the CSO are mentioned in the greater limerick area , limerick also spills out past Castletroy to Annacotty and Newport ! which is in Tipperary anyway.
As with Galway,,,oranmore is a good few miles out to be a suburb or about to be one!!!
in that case stop throwing in silly things like adding the towns around the cities , that should not be the case.
Limerick is a lot bigger than the figures and boundary stats tells us , and i’m not going to mention all the towns likewisw ,around it.
Its pointless, Limerick is bigger than Glaway ,fact,no matter if you travel 15 miles out or add up all the areas

As for Cork its the slowest natural growth rate than all the ciies!!!hahaha (in terms of Populatrion)
well i Do know Cork is bigger , you wasted time typing that mickeydocs lol…..
Raheen is in limerick not 15 miles like ringaskiddy !!! which employs nearly 20,000 people ! which has a big output not to mention DELL or analog !!! and so on ……..
Limeick is the fastest growing commercial centre outside of the Dublin area ! so i don’t care what your opinions are going to actually be.
I’m comfortable sticking to facts, that you guys refuse to believe. ! because you know what the answerwill be I’m beginning to see that you are honest about your childlish behaviour.

As with cheap property prices
The media like to give Limerick a bad name , so obviously that will affect prices.
the city boundary affects the land prices a lot ,
There are very expensive areas in limerick , unfortunatly You dont know it ,
you see Limerick property was doing very well before the celtic boom kicked in and in Limerick and even today there is an oversupply of housing and do on , so that is one reason why its cheaper ,

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