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Tuborg wrote:
Dave is that link road from the groody roundabout to the new section of the Tipperary road open yet? there was some disagreement over who’s responsibility it was to finish the last section!. Building link roads to open up vast acres of lands for row after row of never ending housing developments isn&#8217]

Well to answer your first question before I ramble 🙂

The road I mentioned, is the Corbally link, that goes from the Corbally road (Harry’s mall I imagine) over the Canal and in the direction of the Dublin road. The Link will join at one of the cross roads before the railway bridge on the Dublin Road. This will be a great relief for that area. It has being a long time waiting.

Yes definatley, The Shannon Tunnel/ N7 Nenagh will be a great relief and benifet to the region. Not only that Limerick city centre will be more free of through traffic and the streetscape enhancement/pedstrainisation plan will speed ahead.
I still can’t hack the fact that Cork/Galway southbound traffic will not be able to have full access to the Rossbrien ramps !! I.e a person going from Galway to Cork, oops, some engineering or dump mistake?

The road you mentioned Turborg is the distributor road, which links Groody roundabout to the New Tipperary Roundabout in the near future or well…. It was meant to be opened in September of last year. There is quite a number of these roads constructed around the proximity, the Golf links road is another distributor road that will connect the Singland/Groody area to Annacotty, and yes Turborg spot on there, With all those roundabouts, awful…… thousands of houses are going in there I’m afraid, it’s quite a few years that this was on the agenda for the Limerick County Council. They want a sprawling (not surprising, thank god the Government are taking the decision on the boundary issue) wasteland probably stretching to the Ring road 😮 . I wouldn’t be totally against them developing the lands around Groody with the very least have a proper public transport plan and public space “like a few greenbelts”. If they don’t take drastic action now it looks like it will end up like Blanchardstown in West Dublin:o

Great news on the Thomond Park plan, I didn’t think the IRFU would leave Limerick after all:)

The new shopping Connagh cross SC on the Ennis road/ is to start in spring I believe,
Bck on the city centre development
I emailed the developers about the new Strand hotel development…. I Got a reply, nothing constructive or any pictures, which I was hoping to get my hands on to post here, they’re not eager to send me anything in a hurry, by the look of the plans it doesn’t seem exciting anyway, The only positive note I can gather it will be somewhat better than the building that was knocked down.

There is another commercial development going up near the already controversial People’s park complex? Or so I heard, anybody got feedback?

BTW what is going on with the Childers road, it look like they’re building a bus lane, they could do with adding a lane from Roxboro to the Dublin road and get rid of the traffic lights while they’re are at it.:)

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