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Dave is that link road from the groody rounabout to the new section of the tipperary road open yet?, there was some disagreement over who’s responsibility it was to finish the last section!.Building link roads to open up vast acres of lands for row after row of never ending housing developments isnt sustainable. As if to prove the point about lazy,shortsighted planning, if my maths are right, theres 4 roundabouts on this 2km section of road, obviously to allow ease of access to future residential developments.I just wonder will this be used as an access point for the new shopping and leisure complex given its proximity to the development!.

It was said that the realigned section of the old dublin road would bring major changes to the area and this seems to be happening now as basically across the road from the parkway site theres an application for a mixed use scheme on the site of the old oaklands furniture store that burnt down a couple of years ago, heres the application:

mixed use commercial development comprising of a 72 bedroom hotel, 1960 sq metres office space, 6 no. retail warehouse units (gross floor area of 5332 sq metres), car parking, ancillary site works and reconfiguration of existing road junction
Development Address: Old Dublin Road, Rhebogue, Castletroy,

As for the grounds of the castletroy park hotel heres what fordmount properties have applied for:

construction of 55 no. bedroom nursing home; 90 no. assisted living apartments; 49 no. two bed retirement housing units; mixed use commerical building comprising of shop, 5 no. retail units, bank, pharmacy, bar, restaurant areas & cafe; office building comprising of 12 no. office units; medical centre and creche; the overall development will also consist of ancillary staff facilities, administrative offices, dining rooms, visitors room, recreation rooms, day care room, hairdresser and laundry rooms; demolition of existing single storey habitable house and associated ancillary structures; plant; ESB substations; storage and waste management areas; hard & soft landscaping; boundary treatments; internal roads & pathways; pedestrian access points; surface and basement level car parking; changes in level; site services and all site development & excavation works above and below ground. Vehicular access to site from two access points
Development Address: Castletroy Park Hotel, Plassey Park Road , Castletroy

At least theres some good news on the infastructural front for limerick as the NRA have confirmed that phase 2 of the southern ring and the Limerick to Nenagh scheme will both start this year!

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