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@anto wrote:

Let’s face it the green belt around there is severely compromised already. I’d be more worried about sprawl further out Lisnagry/Annacotty etc.

Still a crap plan. It’s ludicrous that there are 2 jurisdications looking after Limerick city and suburbs

Exactly it’s already spreading to Annacotty there is already a number of distributor roads built between Kilbane and the Golf club probably catering another few thousands houses!!!!
If ones is looking for a greenbelt within the Groody areas is like asking for fresh air.
I mean, I don’t think the council is worried about the Groody/Parkway Greenbelt when they’re selling those lands for millions of Euro, to think of it. Five years ago you could see green fields on both sides of the N7 between Annacotty and the Parkway now there is like 5,000 houses of all those roundabouts not mentioning the UL area at all. 😮

This is just a disaster, the Parkway roundabout is getting congested at this stage, and the Dublin Road is chock a block till the quays. Although some goods news to give you is that they are finally starting the halted Corbally phase 2 which will link to the Dublin road. Whoever came up with idea with a “tunnel to filter onto the old N7 must be taking the piss? Remember when they opened the Parkway Retail park they said they would have more slips and complete with tunnels even tunnels for pedestrian movements too, instead they made Mickey mouse job by trying to paint another lane into the bottlenecked Roundabout. 😮
Why would they want to build another cinema out that way when they have a rather impressive one at the Castletroy SC? If Limerick is to get a cinema, shouldn’t investors not see a niche for the city centre? :confused:

On the Castletroy SC: There are plans expand this in the future, which had made an application a year ago, heard nothing constructive on that to date, to be honest I don’t see what’s stopping it from making is bigger! This is utter madness, where are all these people coming from. There is absolutely no infrastructure to cater for all these extra Malls.
I blame the county council for all this mess, as they clearly followed the same idea as the American doughnuts city. The city council is doing the best they can to revitalize the city centre, which is obviously showing. The crane in the city and around the quays is phenomenal.

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