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There was a great opportunity to build a free-flowing interchange at rossbrien as its a site with plenty of open space with little or no constraints and although this isnt a bad attempt it still falls a bit short of full free-flowing status,according to the environmental impact study all traffic movements will be catered for on the rossbrien interchange with the exception of citybound N20 traffic to the childers road, this seems a curious decision as this means that current access to the city on the N20 will be eliminated, maybe this was the reason for the existing dual carriageway terminating at the temporary roundabout at rossbrien and not at the childers road. It seems a rather ill thought out plan if im honest, its only going to mean extra pressure on the existing ballysimon interchange which is woefully under capacity and also the new dock road interchange which is planned as a dumbell(2 rounabouts with sliproads). It also looks like there will be no access to the childers road from the existing ring road(dublin, waterford,tiperary traffic etc). So therefore the current link road from the childers road to the current junction of the N7 ring road phase 1 and the N20 will be reserved for southbound traffic.

As for why there are no motorways planned for the limerick area, the limerick to nenagh route was planned as a motorway but about a year ago it was downgraded to a high quality dc with little or no fuss, no opposition from local politicians or anything:confused: , also the first phase of the ring road is whats known as a motorway standard dual carriageway with proper grade separated junctions etc, its got all the characteristics of a motorway except the blue signs.One of the nra’s favourite reasons for not awarding motorway status is a lack of an alternative route for non motorway traffic, yet there is no such problems here as the old dublin road remains open to traffic. For me its all about political will, we just dont have a strong enough voice to lobby for what we need and want. It serves us right, we never stand up for ourselves down here, we just sit here and take whatever is thrown at us!, be it from the dublin media or the government:mad:

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