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@billy the squid wrote:

I believe I berated you over there for posting these images and not crediting their owners. The First one was taken for a competition I ran on, the other two were taken by myself.

EDIT : Actually berate is the wrong word, shook my head and sighed might be a more accurate description.

Sorry to bust your bubble a bit Billy! but i think you’ll find that the last 2 photographs came from the website,which i downloaded some time ago, it contained many excellent photographs of the city,it was a pretty useful website but the original seems to have dissapperaed and the replacement is very dissapointing, the first one came from and possibly the second one as well, im not sure where they get their photographs but they certainly didnt credit the pics to anyone, if some of them are yours fair enough!, Now have you come on here to talk about relevant topics or just to cry over some pictures!, and btw when exactly did you “berate” me?

On a more serious topic i saw the image of the Opera centre in the leader myself and i must say i was pretty horrified, i was hoping to be pleasantly surprised by this project but i suppose i was just kidding myself really, that entrance looks absolutely hideous, i shudder to think what the proposed “sky bridge” will look like:eek: They were obviously looking for something striking to mark the entrance to the centre but there is such a thing as integration with other buildings on the street and on that front the design team have failed dismally! .At least its good to see that the original facades on rutland street and patrick st are being kept intact, all the retailers here have to vacate their premises so presumably we’ll see some very different faces on this stretch in the years to come. They seemed to have toned down the madness a bit on the ellen street side, the first couple of buildings here would appear to be up for demolition.Good to see the city council say they’re going to evaluate the proposal in detail to see if the development is right for Limerick, the principle is fine: a new city centre shopping area but i just wonder is a 4 floor mall the best way to deliver this!

This is what currently stands at the proposed entrance to “the Opera centre”

Also lower Thomas st was officially closed to traffic on friday, so it looks like the next phase of the city centre pedestrianisation programme should be starting shortly, it involves the pedestrianisation of thomas st lower,little william st and augustine lane with streetscape renewal works on little catherine st.

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