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Its good to see most people have a bit of sense on this site, the design of the new strand hotel is a disgrace and totally out of character with the rest of the buildings in this area!,anyone who thinks otherwise are just kidding themselves, no wonder we have such mediocre developments cropping up if thats the attitude some people have! i know the pic isnt the best, i found it on altavisata shane,its a image search engine, that was all i could find on the web, no decent plans of the exact layout of the site or anything, i dont think the strand even have a website, its just very dissapointing that they can get away with such an unimaginative design in such a prominent location, somebody’s obviously not doing their job properly in city hall!By the way Maskhadov, the development has started,its been going on for around 2 months at this stage, supposedly due to open in late 2006/early 2007,cant see it myself but i spose seen as it looks like its basically made from lego we should’nt be surprised!

Also justnotbothered i dont know what you’re getting at here, i’ve never even heard of, would you like to explain this comment?

Surely City Hall can only deal with the developments that come before it. Can they actually reject a building because it is unimaginative? I mean if it ticks all the boxes ( I know these are minimal) then I suppose it can grant permission and maybe recommend alterations, If there was some area plan in place for the riverside with this critical location earmarked for a landmark building (a much over used phrase these days I agree) then they could reject it on the grounds that it is too boring but otherwise they can only deal with what comes before them. Hopefully buildings like Riverpoint will raise the bar of projects and we’ll get better developmens. Would we have seen Riverpoint if the Clarion had’nt been built first. But I do agree the proposed Strand Hotel is bland.

One thing that City Hall IS responsible for is the disgraceful spread of PVC windows in Georgian Limerick but that’s another story…….

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