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I guess theres just no pleasing some people eh Shane;) , i suppose it will all depend on how we feel about it in 10 or 20 years time, hopefully it will age well, in all fairness though i think its a massive improvement on the rest of the buildings we’ve seen on the quays in recent years,most of em are pretty forgettable!

@ShaneP wrote:

the overall state of the footpaths does create a fairly unloved look about the place – however I imagine that the city council are waiting til the Shannon Tunnel is complete before embarking with their extensive plans for improving the streetscape in 2009. Bedford Row and Baker Place are just test runs in this regard.

The paving on o connell street is pretty abysmal, very, very dull, it looks desperate on a dreary day, its frustrating that work wont begin until phase 2 of the ring road is finished but hopefully it’ll give the planners more time to come up with a proper masterplan, one that is fitting for such an important thouroghfare. The Shannon tunnel is scheduled to start in the spring, i wouldnt be at all surprised if thats pushed back until the autumn, its quite a complex route, a lot of difficult terrain to negotiate, including bunlicky lake, theres also a major interchange on the cork road at rossbrien, it will be at least 3 years in construction which means that it’ll probably be another 5 years before we see a new o connell street,:eek: , lets hope it’ll be worth the wait!

@ShaneP wrote:

Counted at least twelve tower cranes in the city centre during Christmas and the height of the two on the old Jurys site seem to indicate that what ever is planned is going to be relatively tall, although the model of the scheme that was on display in Jury’s before it was knocked didn’t include any tower element – as far as I recall.

I remember seeing a model of the scheme in a local business magazine a few months back and that did show a tower in the plans,it was to be around the 12 storey mark but i think one of the conditions the council attached was for it to be scaled back to 10 storeys.There also seemed to be a smaller tower of around 6 or 8 floors(presumably for the apartments), theres also plans for a number of retail units and an underground carpark. Its pretty poor that no plan of the scheme can be found online,especially because of its prominent location:(

I see the clarion are to manage the former ardhu ryan hotel on the ennis road, its still in the course of redevelopment and mystery has surrounded the whole project, a plan for high density apartments on the site was rejected last year, anyone got any info on what plans they have for the hotel?

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