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The city centre project
Steps are moving in the right direction with the new major shopping complex at Rutland Street,
Positive news for the Limerick as of present! 🙂

I wonder what kind of plans is going into this multi million-euro development.
300,000 sq feet is big stuff.
With the right developers and planners this time around, we will see great stuff happening in this city once again! 🙂
I see more local people are coming in this thread, which is good to see 🙂 A big welcome to you all
I do hope Limerick people can pay a little contribution to this thread for its upkeep and fresh too

As I live in Dublin, It’s good to see more local news from others who contribute their knowledge to this thread.

I heard the IRFU?? The Thomond park stadium redevelopment. They are still trying to buy out the surrounding houses and land; this is still at loggerheads,
Any update on this??? :confused:
I believe the locals are asking more than they bargain for!

I’m delighted the council scrapped the bus lane plan on O’Connell’s street, as most bus lanes don’t work in city centres.

Cllr Long is happy that the Park road is only a path

THEY headed for the People’s Park, Cllr Jim Long, City Hall officials, John Breen, director of services and Patricia Liddy of the parks and estates department, and all turned out to be well.

The councillor, whose name has become associated with the People’s Park since he first sounded alarm bells regarding the hitherto undisclosed sale by Limerick City Council of 0.44 acres of parkland for 1.5million euro, recently drew attention to what he claimed was a further intrusion into the park, bequeathed to the people of Limerick by the Earl of Limerick in 1876.

He contended that a new slip road that could accommodate vehicular traffic was being built by the Council in the park.

The Council insisted however that while it had received a number of calls from members of the public voicing their concern, the construction of a ramp would allow Council workers access to a new depot located in the basement of the new multi-storey apartment development backing on to the park.

Following their meeting, Cllr Long told the Limerick Post that the roadway has now been substantially reduced. “I’m now happy to see that it has been reduced to what is now a footpath that will be linked up to an old path in the park. Most importantly of all, there will be no vehicular access to the park now.”

Ms Liddy said there had never been a road constructed in the park. “It was a pedestrian pathway which had to be reconstructed but which looked wider than it actually was. We will be reseeding and landscaping around it.”

This is good to hear, after so much uproar and confusion concerning the parkland area at the People’s park
Its finally been restored 🙂

Here’s an interesting read for the social econmic breakdown of Limerick of Limerick

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