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Thanks for that Shane, I wonder if the Living over the shop scheme is successful as it failed in other towns from my what I have heard.
Also I really like Bakers place gives off a continental feel to the area not to mention the stunning mix of architecture and old and new!
I enjoyed reading the retail strategy of the Midwest, but
There a few things that are outdated, even considering its only two years old
But quite structural and detailed though!

Nenagh is to get 2 new shopping centres, (tescos, Supervalu and revamped O’Connor’s) and retail warehousing park (Streame)-which will ahve an adcvanced factory, 400 houses, creche, retail warehousing,public park,playground,shops(supervalue) and other entertainment (cinema)etc
The old O’mears hotel site is currently making way for a new street, called quintan’s way which will link Friars street and Peasr st up to 12 mixed units going in there which will be a great boost for the town and region , which is a familiar thing that happens in Limerick and Ennis regions. just thought i could add this bit of information, considering the connections with Limerick 😀

I marked the red line in. and that’s just to show the whole area of the development, not necessarily every inch of it will be developed within those lines as its a rough estimate.

But having said that block is massive

Also some more exciting news 🙂
Strand Hotel starts soon


IT was confirmed this Thursday that construction of €75 million development on the site of the former Strand Hotel will begin in two weeks.

An Bord Pleanála announced this week that residents had withdrawn their objections to the development, leaving Damesfield Ltd, fronted by Galway-based John Lally, free to commence work there.

Project manager of the development for Damesfield, John Moran told the Limerick Leader that provisional work had commenced on the site already.

“We are currently on site, removing the basic construction, and we hope to begin work there in two weeks,” he said.

“First, we will have to remove the existing hotel building and then we can proceed with constructing the new hotel, followed by the apartments,” he added.

The development on the Ennis Road site will see the construction of a 184-bedroom 4/5 star hotel, with a 450-seat banqueting/conference hall, 136 one, two and three bedroomed luxury apartments and a 400 plus capacity underground car park on the site.

“We expect work on the hotel to take about 12 months, and the underground car park will also be finished by then,” he said.

He added that the apartment block would be in place by Spring 2007.

Planning permission for the development was granted by the City Council on May 6 last, but residents in the adjacent Strand Court apartments were unhappy with the potential traffic problems and appealed the decision on May 27.

However, residents wrote to An Bord Pleanála last week informing them they wished to withdraw their appeal.

Originally, the plan allowed for 157 one, two and three bedroom apartments, but one of the conditions of permission was that the number be reduced to 136.

“We think that the planning conditions agreed on with Limerick City Council addressed the concerns of most residents, particularly in relation to the car park and the height of the apartment block—we lost 19 apartments from our original plan, and a full storey off one building,” said Mr Moran.

“We agreed with the Council to a shared car park. During the day, the hotel would have a lot of people coming in and using the car park, while apartment residents were out. Again, this would mean a reduction in the number of cars parked in the area. And the changes to our plan mean that 20 spaces would be freed up in the car park,” he said.

But before construction work commences, the historic Mayors’ Memorial will be temporarily removed from the site to prevent any damage.

The monument, on the corner of O’Callaghan Strand and the Ennis Road, was erected in honour of two Limerick mayors—Seoirse Clancy and Michael O’Callaghan, who died in 1921.

“Some of the plaques will be sent away for restoration before being reinstalled in the new memorial which will be unveiled with the new hotel in August/September 2006,” a spokesman for Damesfield said.

how many stories is the propsed hotel, im a bit confused as there are qiute a number of hotels going up that way?

has anyone seen or been in the new B&Q on the Tipperary road

also heres an interesting link about Limerick

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