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I was just saying that if thats the way the page is going to be – here’s how it is with the facts

Well if you’re going to quote some “facts” to settle the discussion, then you should pick some which aren’t so misleading. This has been stated a number of times in the thread; Galway’s official population is hugely inflated by the fact that the OFFICIAL city boundary is massive compared to that for other cities. If you want to go by official city boundaries, then in terms of physical size, Galway is 2.5 times the size of Limerick, 25% bigger than Cork and is just under half the size of Dublin. In fact, in terms of official boundaries, Waterford is bigger than Cork. This shows how it’s nonsense to use official city boundaries to judge the size of a city whether in terms of area covered or population.

Your other “fact” confuses absolute and per-capita wealth. Bangladesh has a bigger (in absolute terms) economy than Switzerland but it would be ridiculous to claim that Bangladeshis were wealthier than the Swiss just because there happens to be 20 times as many of them. When people talk about wealth it is generally in per-head terms. On this basis county Limerick is the third wealthiest in the Republic according to the Central Statistics Office. I imagine that the only reason this fact was quoted is because it’s considered witty to knock Limerick and say it’s full of scangers. It’s always interesting to consider hard facts (in this case from an authority like the CSO) which challenge common stereotypes about a place.

Anyway it’s not like there’s some raging Limerick v. Galway war going on here. Besides the point about the CSO figures and the debate about what should be included when comparing populations, BTH and myself and most of the others are expressing differring personal preferences about some Irish cities. No one’s preference is right or wrong and most expressions of opinion have been qualified with phrases like “I think” and “in my opinion” or “it feels to me”.

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