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I don’t see why Limerick would waste an opportunity like this, Hopefully the arts project goes ahead, it will give something back to the city , especially when the city centre has no cinema!

Relation to Arthurs quay park
I agree with you Shane, about the views and landmark site, but I’d prefer some sort of a look out building or theatre/ opera house to signify the importance of the river etc.

What do you think of that idea?

Now I wouldn’t like to see an office tower or a hotel there but I just don’t think the park is working, the park is dead to me; it’s been always quiet when visited it.
If they carried out some work and try alleviating the problem and livening up the place and putting some annual festival there for one,

For two, they should have direct guides/directions all over the city for the various fields of Interest, such as Arthur’s Quay.

Just recap on something I said previously about the city centre, there are no signs in detail for tourists
and people to get directions on thr streets of the city centre, Now real full plan or howw to get to certain places, let’s say O’Connell’s street to King johns Castle or Pery Park?

thanks for your pics Its give us clarity and an idea to the extent and scale of the new city development. 🙂
Glad to see buildings been protected. Good planning sense 🙂
On the last pic of yours,
I spotted some board woks and canal boat bays(whatever you call them)been built all up the Abbey river quite exciting to see the river is been developed for recreationaland pleasure.

I believe its part of the Park canal project.

The Edward st dev, I must admit the more i see it , the more Iike it,
the is a few sites in around there that will popp up and will balance out this dev .
[align=center:2bfaqbyx]Image hosted by

Here's a pic of the tourist office (when it was just built)
Image hosted by[/align:2bfaqbyx]

also anyone interested to know about a few bridges in Limerick

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