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i’ll try find out about that Haltothechimp.
The Munster Dev is going to be huge!
Even Willie O Dea has commented the project 😮
As far as I’m aware there is a number of buildings that are protected, I have not seen the quinns pub , so ill try get somwthing of interest.

Jus read an article on the Limerick-leader , 24th November 2001
Dunnes Stores opens new city centre store

WELL on target, the magnificent new Dunnes Stores in Henry Street opened its doors to the public this Wednesday.

One must agree that the entire Henry Street area has taken on a new dimension in recent years, thanks to the foresight of investors.

Indeed, as I strolled through that part of the city during the week, it reminded me of the docklands areas in Liverpool and Manchester which were redeveloped in the Eighties.

Here we have towering buildings on the left hand side approaching Sarsfield Street, with plans on the drawing board for the old Carlton Cinema and the existing Eircom car park. It promises to be a street very much into the 21st Century.

There are, I am told, upwards of 650 car park spaces in the new Dunnes building, which should help to alleviate traffic congestion in the inner city.

The next question now is: What is to become of the Dunnes Stores premises alongside Sarsfield Bridge?
The next phase in the transformation of the inner city is expected to be in the Liddy Street / Arthur’s Quay area, where Roches Stores are to spend several million pounds in modernising their store.
As reported some months back, they have bought out the leasehold interest in several properties to the rear of their existing store.

also don’t know whats happening herEntertainment plan old bank building

IT would now seem that plans are well in train to redevelop the former AIB premises in upper O’Connell Street into an entertainment centre.
When the property was originally put on the market a couple of years back, it was purchased by the Costelloe family, of Roscrea’s Racket Hall Country House Hotel fame.

Then, a short while back it was put back onto the market, only to be later withdrawn.

It has now emerged that the Costelloe family plan an entertainment complex on the site, with doors due to open next March.

They are currently advertising for a financial controller.

The new premises is to be known, appropriate enough, as The Bank.

e either?

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