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pdll are you still talking?, it would have been wise to shut up a long time ago and stop making a tool of yourself, its hard enough to take you seriously as it is without some more blinkered and partisan comments, as shane said why dont you go away and set up an “i love galway” thread, Also i never once mentioned issues of urban planning in limerick in my last post, maybe you should start a thread about that, anything would be better than the drivel you’re spouting at the moment, i just hate it when someone who’s quite obviously ignorant and uninformed comes on and tells some blatant lies, you have zero credibility pdll, if you cant stick the heat then get out of the kitchen!

Anyway on more important topics great to see some movement on the park canal and the rail link to the airport, 2 really important projects for the city, a rail link to shannon surely makes sense as the distance involved is quite small and with passenger numbers growing all the time there is sure to be a steady demand for it, its also a nice alternative to road travel, especially with no plans to improve the section from clonmacken to bunratty, its a pretty unsafe and substandard section with median breaks and residential accesses, grade seperation is badly needed on this stretch,id say its pretty far down the priority list though, and yes it would be great to beat dublin to an airport link.

Unfortunately dave i think we will have to wait until the southern ring is completed to see work on o connell st start, again down to government mismanagement, i lad to laugh today when i was looking through some old news, the predicted completion date for the 2nd section was EARLY 2006, a little bit optimistic at this stage i think, although if they started tomorrow you’d never know, although placing a toll on it defeats the whole purpose of the project especially so close to the city , i think we’ll continue to see hgvs in the city centre for a long time yet! 😡 .The o connell street project is really urgent as the street really deserves better, it would give it some space to breathe and revitalise itself!

A for the city debate i suppose really there is only four real cities in Ireland, its actually hard to find another country with such an imbalance in population between cities, dublin is way out on its own, id imagine the poulation of the greater city area in Cork is around 170, 180 000, Limerick is around 100,000 and Galway 80,000 or so, waterford then has only around half the population of limerick, kilkenny then is a city in name but in name only, it really dosent feel like a city when you walk around it, it dosent really have the variety of shops and services you’d expect from a city, there dosent seem to be any big centre of employment and the big giveaway is it dosent have any third level colleges, still i must say i like the layout of its streets and the old world charm it has!..

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