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Well, Dave123 – you mentioned the terrace on Pery Sq – It has a fairly interesting history.

It was the last georgian terrace to be built in Limerick in 1836. It was financed by means of a tontine, whereby each of the investors in the project received rent on their investment while they remained alive. As each member of the tontine died so too, their shares and the last person alive ended up owning the whole terrace. Seemingly this form of investment resulted in an untimely end for many people and so these types of companies were outlawed, although i’m not sure if Pery Sq gave rise to any such carry on.

Also the terrace was meant to be part of a planned square around what is now the People’s Park – (I think it was for residents only, back in the day) however those six houses were never intended to be continued on, so it will be interesting to see how the new part of the hotel is integrated with the existing house – I think there is a vacant lot behind the house on Barrington St. If you look at the photo you can just about see that the entrances to the houses at either end of the terrace are to the side as opposed to being at the front and as well as that each of the end houses are set slightly forward. These gestures were apparently intended to give the whole scheme the appearance of a unified entity – like a large country house instead of 6 townhouses – so i read somewhere anyway.

No. 2 Pery Sq. has been restored to something of its original form by the civic trust and is open to visitors if you’re interested. Here’s an image from a book called,”The Building of Limerick” by Judith Hill which is a fairly good introduction to the history of the city’s planning and architecture.

Also the old county council buildings are the row of 5 or 7 converted georgian houses at the junction of O’Connell St and Mallow St, if that’s any help.

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