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I think the building on henry street you’re referring to dave is the former an post property, it used to house their sorting office for the limerick area,it was bought by a local developer about a year ago but since then not much has happened, its probably complicated by the fact that it is a listed building and alterations can only be made to the inside, there was speculation that it was to be converted into third generation office space but seen as the riverpoint building has been fully let and the high level of vacant premises in the local office market maybe these plans have been put on hold, construction is also starting soon on 2 sites to the rear of the old county council buildings, this area has been derelict for a number of years and the development is long overdue, the 2 building are to contain apartments and retail outlets, if only the esb would do the right thing and sell their premises the redevelopment of the street would be complete.

Work is progressing well on the savoy site and word is that interest in the retail outlets is really strong, at last some good news for the city centre, especially with the jetland, city east and the crescent extension all nearing completion, an annoucement is also imminent on the rejuvenation of the michael street,ellen street,bank place area, hopefully it will be a properly thought out plan. Also dave i think you were asking about the corner of henry street, this was where the henry cecil bar used to be, it was one of the oldest bars in the city and was due to be renovated for retail use, unfortunately it collapsed when demolition work was underway on the carlton cinema, it was a real shame as the building at least had some character as opposed to the bank of scotland building which to me looks like an egg box!

Finally there hasnt been much news lately on the jurys site at sarsfield bridge, permission was granted for a 5 star hotel and conference centre and apartments were also included in the plan but its been appealed to an bord planeala on the grounds that the height of the development (up to 14 storeys) is not in keeping with the character of the area, seems to be a similar complaint to the ardhu site, in fairness i think this one will get the go ahead!.

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