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I saw this application – it was posted just before Christmas – if my memory is right this was previously refused ?.. I thought the thinking was no more cinemas outside of the city centre and now we have a possible 3 .. Coonagh , Jetland and Ballysimon… hope Hollywood ups the outout for the increased demand.

January 2010
By Nick Rabbitts
DEVELOPERS are planning to build a seven-screen, 1,300-seat cinema on the city’s northside.

MZM Holdings has lodged an application with the city planning authority to change the use of three units in the Ennis Road retail park to one single unit.

The project – if it gets the go-ahead from Limerick City Council – would see a seven-screen cinema, consisting of 1,338 seats built on the Ennis Road retail park, near to the Jetland Shopping Centre.

If the plans get the green light, it will represent the second cinema to be granted permission on the northside, following an application by Chieftain Construction to build at Coonagh Cross.

Full story: See our Wednesday edition

According to the application lodged by developers MZM Holdings, the proposals also include a children’s party area and a computer entertainment facility.
The developers have described the proposals to construct a cinema as something which will “diversify” the mix which already exists on the northside of the city.
The development, they say, “will provide an active recreational use for the area. The provision of a cinema would provide a significant amenity facility for the residents and employees of the Ennis Road area and would significantly enhance the attractiveness of the retail park as an employment mode.”
Mayor Kevin Kiely, also a northside councillor, said he would rather see a cinema at Coonagh Cross. But he would welcome “this alternative location”.
“It will provide local facilities for that area. I have been talking to planners, and they are anxious that at least one cinema complex goes ahead,” he stated.
Labour councillor Tom Shortt said the lack of a cinema on the northside was one of the major issues he came across on his election campaign.
“Strangely you would think the calls would come from young people, but there were also calls from older people. I am not surprised that somebody has identified there is a market there which I genuinely think there is a huge demand for.
To go to a cinema, people (from the northside] have to essentially cross the city. The major inconvenience here is for parents. One of the biggest sectors who use cinemas are young people, and this is a transport problem. Parents are dropping their kids across the city, and no sooner have they got home, it is time to collect them again,” he said.
Ger O’Rourke of Chieftain Construction last week told the Limerick Leader he believes his proposed cinema at Coonagh Cross will be ready to open by the end of this year or early next year.
As the Limerick Leader went to press, no spokesperson for MZM Holdings was available for comment.

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