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Well. I still can’t believe you approve of that heap on Edward St., Dave123.

If it lasts half as long as the Savoy did, i’d be surprised. It’s not only the fact that it looks cheap, which bothers me – the whole project appears to be the product of a lazyminded approach by architects, developer and planners. It is the epitomy of everything that’s wrong with new developments in Limerick today (as described by Ash1 a few weeks ago)

As far back as 1991, a report was published on the success or otherwise of the first urban renewal schemes throughout the country – Murray O’laoire were involved in preparing that report, which included a section on the design of city centre apartment schemes. One of the many observations made was that new developments should have a variety of unit sizes to ensure a good social mix, as is the norm in the rest of Europe, so what do we end up with in Limerick, 14 years later – a block of 33 two bed apartments on Edward St and another one of c.135 two bed apartments on William St. – These lessons should be well learned at this stage as there are enough examples in this country and elsewhere of successful apartment schemes. It’s pretty disheartening to say the least.

On a related point, is anyone aware of an apartment scheme in Ireland which includes a service lift and entrance (which allows for apartments to be renovated or upgraded without inconveniencing other residents or closing off roads and footpaths to accomodate cranes etc.)?

As for Annacotty, it is good to see the place looking a bit more lively these days – the new bars etc have been hopping the couple of times i was out there, and the river makes a great backdrop to the village, long live Annacotty! – I guess Dunnes Stores will have to open a branch or two there soon though, given the rate at which they seem to be proliferating in Limerick. 3 new stores in as many years, can’t help but wonder are they trying to take over the world? There’s plenty of room in my hot press or perhaps under the sink if they’re stuck for sites and there’s easily enough room on the chimney for a spar, centra and vodaphone outlet if they want to make a bit of a shopping centre out of it!

Is the demolition of the Savoy still in progress? Saw it during the first couple of days and it was fairly spectacular – the wrecking ball/ drill cut straight through the building ,the tv screens for the bowling alleys were hanging on by a thread, and you could see straight thru’ a section of the cinemas. Hope there’s a new cinema in town to replace it soon. Don’t think ther’s any risk of oversupply in in the hotel sector though Tuborg – seems a good no.of them are reporting 90% occupancy since all those Ryanair flights started out of Shannon. It was reported in the Post recently that there wasn’t a single room available in the city one weekend and if the convention centre gets built there’ll be capacity for plenty more. It’s the best idea to come about in years, a development that would suit Limerick perfectly. Did quite a bit of research on the subject for my thesis last year so will stick it up here soon – as it’s undergoing major reconstructive surgery at the moment, if any one’s interested.

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