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Traders livelihoods “not threatened” by new market

Anne Sheridan

The livelihood of traders at the Milk Market will not be under threat when the new 6 day market opens in mid 2010. However the costs of having a stall is likely to rise, according to the market trustees.

Some traders had expressed concern that they would not be in a position to produce goods and man stalls over a six-day market. But David O’Mahony, chairman of the market trustees said every current trader will be facilitated each Saturday – their traditional day of trading – in the new market.

“This is an opportunity for them. Their livelihoods will be enhanced, not threatened. Traders ability to attend a six – day market was never in the frame,” Mr O’Mahony told the Limerick Leader.

Responding to claims that the market would be “a sophisticated machine, taking away its rough and ready character”, he said the new design is also about facilitating the wishes of customers as well as traders.

A seasonal calendar of events and stalls for the Mil Market is being prepared, which will see a diversity of new and old traders attend on different days of the week, excluding Monday when the market will be closed. “But it wont take away from the Saturday market” said Mr O’Mahony.

However he confirmed that the cost of having a stall at the market on Saturday – which is currently €20 – is likely to increase. “Prices haven’t been changed at the market since 2003, so it would be fair to assume that there would be change, but nothing outrageous,” He said.

He added that he would be interested to hear traders expectations of what the price should be. Chris O’Connor, development co-ordinator with the project, also said they have no intention of charging €100, or “anything near that” for a stall, which is the amount paid by traders in other markers in the country.

Mr O’Connor said the opening of the market would be “a national event”, and those in the food industry, including Darina Allen and Minister for Food Trevor Sargent have supported the ideals behind the new market.

It has been confirmed that the size of the new units will be in the region of 3 metres by 2.5 metres, which would increase the size of the stall, especially as vehicles would no longer be permitted in the new market.

A number of traders have opposed aspects of the €2 million redevelopment plan, which will see the market covered with a tensile roofing, designed by a specialist company in Munich, Germany.

However plans to launch a judicial review – to overturn An Bord Pleanala’s decision to grant planning – are still afoot.

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