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@massamann wrote:

I’d like to believe that my opinion isn’t dishonest, it’s just DIFFERENT FROM YOURS.

It’s a site in the middle of the bridge that is the main crossing point of the Shannon into the city. From this bridge you can see the castle, the cathedral, curraghower falls, and along Sarsfield St into the commercial centre of town. There’s a picture in my parents house of this very view. Short of knocking down the castle, I can’t think of anywhere in the city that’s undeniably higher profile. Although I’m happy to hear which are the alternatives that you think are more visible.

Having said all that, I’d still be in favour of building something here. It’s just that my first choice wouldn’t be privately owned offices. And it would have to be of a higher standard than this proposal. After all, it’s not like we’re stuck for either office space or development land. There is no imperative to building here.

And if this site isn’t high profile, maybe you should mention that to the developer: it’d save him alot of money and hassle if his development relocated away from the river. But even though we may disagree on his proposal, both he and I seem to think that this site is worth having and therefore worth debating.

So what do you think? Do you think private offices on this site are a good idea?

No massamann, you STATED YOUR OPPINION AS FACT!!!!! (see I can post in capital letters too, aren’t I special:rolleyes:).

I think, hmmmmmm St Johns Cathederal, The Court House, Peoples Park, St Mary’s Cathederal, the whole of the Crescent with the Georgian buildings, not to mention the small matter of the Castle you just mentioned.

By your logic the old Dunnes building is “the highest profile site” in the city, as it has everything you just mentioned and more, seeing as it’s four times the size!

Also, I’ll think you’ll find that Shannon Bridge has a much larger traffic flow that Sarsfields bridge.

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