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It also looks as if there may finally be some movement on a possible boundary extension. I really hope the Minister makes a strong decision on this and pays no heed to those neanderthal’s out there who seem hell-bent on holding the city back!

Minister Gormley moves on Limerick city boundary

By Petula Martyn

THE Minister for the Environment, John Gormley, has said he will not be “steered in any particular direction by vested interests” when deciding whether or not to extend the boundary of Limerick city.
A white paper on the matter is due to be published in early March, and the minister has said he will be objective in coming to a decision.

“Let me say to you, that as far as I’m concerned, I’m going to do what is best for Limerick and what is best for the region,” he told the Limerick Leader.

Minister Gormley said a series of suggestions, including the idea of a single planning authority, have been put forward, and he admitted that some people will not be happy with his “optimal solution”.

“I’m in a position where I can act more objectively than previous ministers. Previous ministers were under political pressure. I am not going to allow that interfere with my judgement of things.”

Minister Gormley was the first Minister for the Environment in over fifty years to grant a limited extension of the boundary in March last year, to include Caherdavin, Coonagh and Moyross in the city.

“Eaten bread is quickly forgotten, you know,” the Minister said. “I did, unlike other previous ministers, give a boundary extension. It might have been limited but it had never been done. It was asked for, it was given and on that particular date county councillors said ‘this is it and no more’.”

There have, however, been further calls from city councillors across all parties, and the local business community to further extend the boundary to include the city environs.

A draft copy of the Limerick City Development Plan 2010-2016 describes the challenges that lie ahead in terms of developing the city centre.
“The demotion of the city centre in such a way is contrary to national, regional and local policy. It is evident that the role of the city centre in the national hierarchy is under serious threat and such a demotion of the importance of the city centre will impact negatively on the region’s competitiveness,” it states.

Minister Gormley advised all interested parties not to get “hung up” on any one particular option as a way to address the boundary issue.

“I’m into solving problems, I’m not into rigidities and that’s the only way it can be done,” he said, “because people need to be flexible in the way that they think.

“No matter what you do, you can’t please everybody and I’m expecting that some people will not be happy with what I’m suggesting, but never the less I do think that the proposal that is put forward will be in the best interest of the city.”

Limerick Leader

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