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The big issue with the Boat Club decision is the fact that the majority vote made by councillors, with no formal training in architectural conservation, to remove a building from the list of protected structures, demeans the process of deeming builidngs worthy of being recorded as protected structures in the first place. Lets not forget that the building was included in the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage for Limerick City less than two years ago. If it was deemed significant enough to be listed at that point this decision seems all the more ridiculous. I could accept if there was a forum or committee decision by people with a track record in conservation but councillors making these decisions is a mockery of the legislation that was introduced to protect our heritage in the first place.

The fact as to buildings being commercial or not is not really the issue but that the other builidngs referred to i.e. Thomond Park and the Concert Hall are public buildings whereas the proposal for this site is primarily offices with the exception of the new boat club. A new public building might make the decision easier to swallow but not another office block.

Finally I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for a quality contemporary builidng both due to the submission to the council thus far and also looking at the developer’s previous track record for producing what might be solid commercial architecture but hardly inspiring artworks. The local authority had the option of insisting on an architectural competition for the site to replace the heritage it deemed fit to be removed but rejected it. Seems like Skibereen has more progressive thinking than Limerick these days!

Well Mr.Neville , I checked the scheme out and there is in fairness 1 room at the Bridge Level that has been named as Civic Use. It would probably fit about 40-50 people at a squeeze! As for the Museum etc…..?????

Im also very amused that the LCC website states that ‘PLANNER : NONE’ made the decision.Sources tell me that Ms.Campbell under Mr.Reeves guidance made this decision ….also .I will personally pay for any of the objectors appeal costs….you can call me on 061-496347

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