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@WelshinLimerick wrote:

The O’C and William street public realm works are dependant on the Orbital Route as well as the Tunnel, which is designed to reduce traffic flow in the city centre streets. Bedford Row and Thomas Street were not so trafficked so were able to proceed.

The tunnel is a vital piece of infrastructure for the entire city and the orbital route is obviously important in terms of efficiently managing traffic flow within the city centre. However I dont buy into the suggestion that the remodelling works cannot procede until those projects are up and running. In the last few years, both O Connell Street in Dublin and Patrick Street in Cork (both heavily trafficed routes) underwent comprehensive remodelling jobs so I fail to see why we cant manage the same!

I dont think that O’Connell street needs to be closed off anyway, a pedestrian friendly street would be far better. William Street and the City Quays are in the most need of TLC if you ask me, O’Connell street should not go ahead until proper money is available, even if thats 6-10 years.

6-10 YEARS!:eek: Ah come off it, could you imagine the state of the place if it was left that long? This remodelling project is already long overdue, it needs to be done asap!

The quayside from Sarsfield Bridge to Shannon Bridge is in poor shape alright, its really shown up by the works that have been completed across the river on O Callaghan Strand especially.

Work was supposed to start last Autumn on this section but with all the cutbacks in funding, Im not sure what the current status is.

On another note, anyone know what’s going on at John’s Square. Images would be nice 🙂
And what’s happening on Clancy Strand?:confused:

A boardwalk is being installed on Clancy Strand between the Treaty Stone and Curragour Falls. Posts about this and St John’s Square can be found on page

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