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@KeepAnEyeOnBob wrote:

In fairness even a good council would be fairly constrained by the circumstances of having half the city conurbation lying outside the city limits, and more particularly, having the poorer parts of the city.

The no. 1 reason for Limerick failing to pull its weight is the lack of a boundary extension. Raheen and Castletroy should both entirely be within the city, indeed areas such as Newtown, Annacotty and the area out the Fr. Russel Road towards Mungret should be in it (possibly Mungret too, as it would be prime target for Co. Co. development if just outside a revised boundary).

It’s idiotic allowing Limerick Co. Co. to have any say – the detrimental effect to Limerick city of the current situation has held the county back too. Sure the county council might be too poor to run the county well for the medium term, but a more thriving economic hub of Limerick city would bring greater benefits to the county in the longer term.

Well put Bob – I completely agree,the Co.Co have been almost totally responsible for creating the donut effect that has pretty much destroyed trading in the city centre – you cant blame them really – its happened in DublinCorkGalway but without the same consequences for their cities. Rutland St,Patrick St.,O Connel St and especially Sarsfield st look a bit grim to say the least – and if the Opera centre site stays boarded up…..this will be the biggest centre city eyesore in Ireland.Do we really need two councils in Limerick ? – cant we be cute and have one central council for the whole county. We can retain a ‘pretend’ city council to look after say tourism , city centre development & planning , removing bubblegum… let the main Limerick council reside in its fine offices in Dooradoyle ,scap the ridiculous L and Lk car reg and have L only , and extend the boundary as far as possible – in Limerick only – forget Clare,thats a fight not worth getting into.

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