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Its a funny thing but I took a walk down Nicholas street today and along Mary street for the first time in I don’t know how long. It looked completely different to how I remembered it as a kid, especially Mary street (I drive down it all the time but some how I don’t notice the changes when I’m driving.)

I recall looking at a site notice in a window there on Bridge street and the application was made, I think, in June or July so I just assumed either the app. had been knocked back or the developer/builder decided to pull out. The site’s proximity to the road would affect its commercial viabilty I would imagine.

Of the other site on Nicholas street I only know what you’ve already made ref. to viz. the discovery of a mediaeval fireplace held up the project. (the cafe thing is interesting. In 1785 a ‘cafe’ named the Merchant’s Coffee House was opened next door to the Exchange on Nicholas street according to Georgian Limerick Vol II. Just a thought.)

Personally I can’t see Nicholas street attracting any serious investment until the perceived threat from elements within St. Mary’s Park is addressed. Stix is a real hoodie hang out that does nothing for the area. Also, and this is a personal view, I don’t like the road surfacing. They’ve use granite, a quality material, on the footpaths which is great but the concrete setts on the road are horrible. Simple as that. I’d rather they used asphalt. If Nicholas st. and Mary street were paved with a limestone or even the tegula favoured by Nicholas de Jong (although I still prefer stone) it would really lift the area imo, I don’t think you can underestimate the impact of quality paving materials.

Dave I’m not sure what you mean by ‘small implications’ but if you think that a slapped up, sand & cement finished shopping centre jusifies pulling down half a street of classicallly proportioned houses built of Limerick limestone and Limerick fired brick dating back to the mid 1700’s is a minor matter then I think you’re mad. Nothing personal you understand, I just do not believe it will turn the city centre into the kind of vibrant CBD that you describe. Do you think Arthur’s Quay has been a wonderful success? I don’t. I believe the future of this city lies in preserving the little we’ve got left. The old neglected laneways and bow-ways in Limerick are perfectly suited to the Parisien arcade treatmet if only we had developers with the vision. These are the kind of shopping focussed developments that will put Limerick on the map not crappy shopping malls with thirty year life spans. That said if an accomodaton is reached that doesn’t invovle pulling down streets I’ll certainly welcome it.

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