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Why in Gods name woulf you oppose that?!
Anything would be better than that eyesore.

This si getting ridiculous.
I’m all for questioning some of the more dubious applications, but you seem to have to apply to An Bord Planala five times if you want to sneeze in the city center nowadays!

I don’t want to sound like a smart arse but its only an eysore because its been left to fall into dereliction. Shabiness per se is no excuse for wholesale demolition of a built heritage (no.s 34 to 41 Catherine St. I believe are to be demolished). But I take your point. The Georgian Quarter needs investment if its to survive but nobody is going to want to invest there if they think ABP will end up scrutinizing every application, assuming conservation concerns were the basis of the objection. It’s a bit of a catch 22 I think.

On a different note I was quite struck by the Christmas ‘tree’ on the river as I walked along O’Connell street the other day. Shannon street frames it and its quite eye catching at night when its lit up. This got me thinking about focal points in Limerick or rathe the lack of them, so here are a few suggestions:

Spring Rice Monument – I read somewhere that Hartstonge st. was built such that the monument would serve as its focal point. But this intention was clearly never acted upon as the view is obscured by vegetation and there is no gate to frame it. See mock-up.

Wellesley Pier Clock – If the Limerick Boat Club buildings are to be demolished and similarly the Penny’s building along with its clock then maybe the new building on the pier could incorporate a clock. The site is perfect imo. See mock-up (inspired by lighthouse concept).

Fannings Castle – This is the tumbledown behind the former LSAD building on Georges Quay. Since the much publicized mediaeval quarter presently consists of a mere 2 buildings proper, making a centrepiece of Fannings Castle might make the ‘mediaeval quarter’ claim a little more credible. I propose demolishing the former LSAD building (won’t be missed imo), tidying up the Castle with particular care paid to lighting, and opening up the space to create a little square in front of the building. This space would also help link the potato market to the canal corridor and form something of a focal point at the end of Michael st. See mock-up.

Other possible f.p. structures could include a very large structure at the top of Mallow st. visible from the Shannon Bridge roundabout, and another on the newly proposed square at Pennys on O’Connell st.. The Dominican Church by Tate’s Clock & St. Michaels on Pery Sq. could be lit better imo.

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