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More on the plans for John’s Square.

Spotlight trained on John’s Square revamp

Highly ambitious project to get underway in 2009

CENTRAL to a major redesign of John’s Square is the focus on making it safe and accessible to citizens and visitors to the city

A report on the redevelopment is currently on public display (until December 17), at the planning counter in City Hall. .A main element of the development is a new city orbital route that will provide priority for pedestrians, and a one-way system around the city centre.

Other redesign features will include: a one way route from Lower Gerald Griffin Street to John’s Gate: footpath widening, high quality lighting, and landscaping on that section of the road at the end of Lower Gerald Griffin Street leading to the square, and tree planting, street furniture, the under-grounding of existing services and the installation of surface water drainage.

Word from the planning department is that as one of the few entrances to the medieval city, “the intention is to return it to being a space for meeting and activity, with an overwhelming sense of space – it is this character and history that we wish to draw attention to”.

With confirmation that funding is available, work is estimated to get underway by the end of 2009

“Since the eight million euro refurbishment of St John’s Cathedral a few years ago, it became glaringly obvious that the Square, by contrast, was in need of a major overhaul,” says Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon.

“”I’m very impressed with the initial report, as are other councillors who’ve seen it. The intention is to create a public space for performance of the arts, with the provision of sheltered seating at one end of the square, and the availability of stage and performance facilities in an area that will be safe for people with children and visitors, which will have one- way traffic from Lower Gerald Griffin Street, turning left into Broad Street,

“I’m calling on t he Market Trustees to transfer some of the stalls outside the Milk Market to John’s Square on Saturday, or possibly to start up a Sunday morning market there”.

The report recommends appropriate access to St John’s Hospital, the Milk Market and the cathedral, and cafe and shop frontages will be allowed to spill out into the Square in designated spaces.

Trees will be planted to help absorb sound pollution and all throughways are to be removed from the space to facilitate the work, with the exception of a single one-way lane that can be closed off for special events in the Square.

The planning department in City hall describes the project as “highly ambitious, and one that is viewed as a design that encompasses the hopes and wishes of a large cross section of Limerick people.

“It will see the bringing together of a large number of much needed projects regarding access, inclusive design and disability awareness”.

Representing the area politically, Cllr O’Hanlon says that while there is huge enthusiasm for the project, he is encouraging people to participate in the consultation process.

“I will be recommending that St John’s Brass and Reed Band, which will have to leave John’s Pavilion on Mulgrave Street, to facilitate the installation of the new orbital route, be given a new band room in or around the Square, and I’m also calling for the erection of an attractive railing around the fountain, when it is refurbished, sooner, rather than later”.

To further develop the Square as an artistic centre, (the city’s professional Daghdha Dance company and apartments for the use of artists are located on the northside of the Square), it is planned to make additional provision for other artistic outlets.

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St John’s Square is one of 3 “Special Project Areas” identified by the City Council, the others being The Crescent and Pery Square. Does the scope of this project extend to improving the area around the Cathedral and drinking fountain?


St John’s Square & Drinking Fountain by derhur

St John’s Cathedral by [url=“”]climberhunt[/url]

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