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@Griff wrote:

Brown Thomas should be knocked (ideally) its a cheap nasty looking building in the centre of town.Sticking on fancy porches and a lick of paint is short term, you cant dress up dross…this should be a flagship department store fitting the centre of a major ( in Irish terms) city… as for penneys/dunnes/roches supermarket….they have destroyed Sarsfield st IMO… cheap and tacky.I dont think knocking the whole block is a good idea unless a seriously high quality development is put in its place – which , lets be fair is unlikley. Id be in favour of retaining the original Roches building – its not great but the best of the lot ,as well as the TSB bank and Martins pub. The chemists next to Dunnes also is not too bad. While Im on this rant, there are many fine buildings in the town – but so many need money spent to maintain them… in an ideal world a few million would be spent on Re replacing all the PVC crap that was put it and fitting new sash windows.. on all georgian buildings from Matthew Bridge to O Connel ave..including the major side strees…

The Roches Stores/Debenhams building is a relatively pleasing building, especially when you compare it with rubbish like Penneys and Brown Thomas. However, it looks as if the City Council have their minds set on the creation of a new public square at the junction of O Connell Street/Sarsfield Street, so if that is to become a reality the Debenhams building will have to go.

There are definitely a number of buildings within the boundary of this new development area that I would like to see preserved aswell. Martins Pub, Permanent TSB and the remaining couple of Georgians on Patrick Street are all worthy of retention. They have all been well maintained, are in good structural condition and the retention of these buildings would not pose any real problems to the overall redevelopment of the area!

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