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@shanekeane wrote:

I like the scale of the big plan for the city centre, but if the planners are reading this, here’s a suggestion:

Limerick this year didn’t have a summer, it rained every day. Same last year. When designing buildings for these streets, incorporate arcades in them, like you see in a lot of Italian cities. This will provide shelter from the rain where people can sit and enjoy their lunch while also smoking a cigarette if they want to. Since every eatery in the country is now putting flimsy tables and chairs in the street and even flimsier awnings over people in a vain attempt to keep them dry, why not incorporate this feature into these new city centre streets to account for a rather big change in the habits of Irish people in recent years. If there’s any place that needs arcades like this, it is Ireland.

@Dan Sullivan wrote:

Shane, oddly enough I was thinking the same thing myself about use of buildings to shelter pedestrians from the elements. It would be a great idea for new development around the Arthur’s quay area. One slight problem thought is providing line of sight for people when crossing the road.

According to the preliminary plans, a covered pedestrian street is being considered, if you look closely at the CGI attached, it shows an enclosed street extending from the new plaza at the O Connell/Sarsfield Street junction.

The Limerick Leader article states that under the proposal the existing link between Henry St and Rutland St will be diverted underground. If this is the case, full pedestrianisation of the new quarter would be possible, although there were a couple of inaccuracies in the article so we’ll just have to wait for the official plans to be released.

This is a huge opportunity to create a vibrant new city quarter and they really should try and pull out all the stops here and that includes making it a car free zone.

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