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It turns out the dispute over the right of way on Bank Place may be more protracted than initially thought!

Fight over plaza could halt €350m shopping centre plan

A SMALL disputed plaza could jeopardise the future of a proposed €350m shopping centre development .

The Bank Place plaza, at the entrance to Trinity Rooms nightclub in Limerick, is the subject of a compulsory purchase order by Limerick City Council.

The order has been appealed to An Bord Pleanala by operators of the popular nightclub.

The complex is the largest development to be proposed for Limerick, and is 300,000sq ft in size.

The adjacent Arthur’s Quay shopping centre will be a third of the size of the planned development, where it is expected more than 1,000 people will be employed.

However, at a hearing in Limerick yesterday, Managing Director of Trinity Rooms, Pat Barry, said the proposed order will put the day-to-day running of his business at risk.


Mr Barry contends that the plaza is the primary access area to the nightclub, is a fire exit and assembly point, and is a point of access for emergency services to the venue.

Trinity Rooms has operated at the site since 2003 and is extremely popular amongst third-level students and 18- to 21-year-olds. It recently received approval to increase its capacity to 1485 patrons.

Mr Barry said he would be in breach of licensing laws if the main access route for emergency services was taken from the business.

Mr Barry also contends that he has maintained the small plaza since Trinity Rooms opened for business. He claims to have installed tree and ground lights, repaired the broken pavement and cobble stones when required, erected two lion statues at the entrance to Bank Place and kept the area clean and tidy.

Solicitor for Mr Barry, Patrick Geraghty, said the purpose of the CPO is to facilitate the Opera Centre and to terminate access to an existing business.

“It will lead to the closure of this business. It is inappropriate, unlawful and will lead to a massive legal dispute with Limerick City Council and I can assure you that will happen,” Mr Geraghty told the hearing.

Developers of the Opera Centre, Regeneration Developments Limited are currently in control of the majority of the proposed site.

Senior Planner with Limerick City Council, Richard Tobin, said a requirement for planning was that the developer was in control of the entire site.

A decision from An Bord Pleanala is due later this month.

-Barry Duggan

© Irish Independent, Thursday September 04 2008

It really does seem to be a pretty farcical situation. For those of you not familiar with the setup, Trinity Rooms is housed in both the Granary building and the modern office block inside the courtyard ( the outside bars are in the Granary with the niteclub on the ground floor of the office building).

I cant really understand why the City Council are imposing this condition regarding control of the site. One of the 2 “landmark” entrances to the new centre will be on the site of the existing Cahill May Roberts building adjacent to the Granary on Bank Place, so I dont see why the aquisition of this small plot is so imperative, as its not going to adversely affect access to the shopping centre! Surely some sort of a compromise can be achieved?

I think its fair to say, this probably wont be the last time An Bord Pleanala are involved in this project either!:rolleyes:

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