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I don’t know, they’ve made some mistakes but there has been some great progress as well. No point being negative about everything. There are a lot of positives. I really like the way Henry St is developing for example. Looking from the sinking church at one end to Arthurs Quay Park at the other, it is really taking form. The new Pedestrian areas also look great. There are plenty other positives to point out.

Restoring all the Georgian stock would be ideal, but if you actually want people to use them, sacrifices have to be made imo. In a city of Limericks size it may not always be practical to restore every Georgian building to its original state… so personally I’m open to compromise to a degree. The overall aim is regenerate and breath new life into the city,and to make that happen, buildings may have to adapt.

This might not be a popular notion but to be honest I kind of like whats done to that Solicitors office near the crescent. The building looks great and the rooftop addition is pretty discrete from street level(and not bad at that). The sash windows look very tidy, and it all looks so clean and fresh. I also kind of like the youth centre building opposite the Glen Tavern…another georgian with a bit stuck on, but it works. If the facades of the Opera Centre are suitably restored/preserved and integrated well, I imagine I will quite like those too!

I’ll wait and see what the finished article is like at the old Council offices but I am happy to see these buildings back in use. I’m not saying rip the place apart and knock everything but I do think in a city like Limerick the ideal restoration of all Georgian stock is not realistic and a certain amount of sacrifice in these projects is to be expected..

Speaking of the Opera Centre, did i see somewhere a decision on the new plans is due this month??

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