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The description of the development frightens me; it sounds like the development would involve a massive amount of demolition of historic building stock. The Georgian terrace on Rutland Street is one of my favourites in the city and is perfect across from the Hunt Museum. Even Ellen Street and Patrick Street have some interesting buildings which would be demolished, from the sounds of it. Will we be looking wistfully at old photos like this, , in 20 years time wondering how people could have been so stupid to demolish historic buildings?

The city centre needs retail development but replacing two or three entire city blocks with a massive shopping centre doesn’t seem like a great idea to me. The experience of Arthurs Quay and the Dunnes shopping centre on Liddy Street proves that it’s a very bad idea to trust a single private company with the upkeep and development of entire city blocks in Limerick. The only difference is that it looks like this development would be two or three times the size of Arthurs Quay and Dunnes combined. If, after 10 or 20 years, it ends up anything like Arthurs Quay or Dunnes, it will destroy that end of the city which is currently developing well in my opinion if slowly. I don’t see any way of preventing neglect like this from happening; this model of development is more suited to warehouse retail parks or out-of-town centres in my opinion.

Of course this development will be championed as the project which will save the city centre just as Arthurs Quay was so any objections in terms of conservation of historic buildings or questioning the sense in a planning policy which would allow a single company to control two or three city centre blocks will be seen as anti-development. The problem is that it is far easier for the council to rubber stamp the development and claim credit for doing something for the city centre than it would be to develop sustainable development plan for the city and spending money on improving the city centre environment for shoppers and residents. Even outside of retail, as was discussed earlier in this thread, it is already becoming apparant that just allowing developers to build as many apartments as possible in or around the centre doesn’t represent good planning or development policy. It looks good for a couple of years and the cranes make it look like the city is developing but the flaws become apparent within years.

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