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Limerick Post 6th August 2005

Huge development planned

A HIGH profile meeting between a Belfast development company and management of Limerick City Council took place in City Hall on Thursday, to pave the way for what will be the largest commercial and retail development in Limerick to-date.

Planning officials in City Hall would not comment to the Limerick Post on Thursday’s pre-planning meeting and stressed that as no formal planning application has yet been submitted, they can not at this particular time supply details of the development that is expected to incorporate Ellen Street, Michael Street, Bank Place, Rutland Street and Patrick Street.

Speaking to the Limerick Post however, Defence Minister, Willie O’Dea said that what is planned is “a huge retail complex that will be the biggest in Munster and will, when completed, employ over 1,000 people”.

“The development company has bought up a rake of property already including Shannon Development’s accommodation in the Granary. It will bring a whole new impetus to the city centre and will dovetail very well with the planned restoration of O’Connell Street. This development which is as inevitable as next Christmas has huge potential for the city,” he said.

While a number of traders who will be potentially affected by the development declined to comment “at this stage”, several have already closed their premises with the closure of others pending soon.

Also reluctant to comment was leading city auctioneer, Pat Kearney, who is believed to be involved in the transaction.

“I can’t discuss this at this time. A lot will depend on what the Council will countenance,” was all he was prepared to say.

Admitting that he is “not au fait” with details of the development, Mayor Diarmuid Scully said that in tandem with the proposed major docklands project and the restoration of O’Connell Street, Bedford Row, William Street and Thomas Street, the city centre would become a powerful magnet for business.

“People will come into the city for high level , high quality goods – they can go to the suburban shopping centres for white goods etc but we must keep the commercial rate down and get the parking issue sorted out, but certainly this complete development hinging around Ellen Street, Rutland Street etc is wonderfully positive for the city,” he said.

A spokesperson for the planning department said that when the preplanning process is completed, a planning application will be submitted to City Council, followed by a presentation of the proposed development to the elected members.

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