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@justnotbothered wrote:

Considering Cllr. Leddin is one of the ones who’s against the development at Westfields, Cleeve’s Bank, the Boat club, the complete removal of Arthur’s quay park, the Hilton, the building in the People’s Park, and the continuing mixed messages over the Regeneration of the estates, and has spoken out on the need to maintain working docklands in the city you could have picked a better target for your ire. if anything, she is too protective of the old city.

You haven’t seen the plans, nor do you know what’s being saved or removed, your post is ignorant at best.

I have seen some them, and no, they’re nothing to write home about, but neither is Ellen street in it’s current state, even if it was fully restored, there’s every chance it would retain it’s dreary run down demeanour as it was never well built in the first instance.

Have you seen what they are proposing Tuborg, or are you basing everything you know on newspaper reports?

The fact that Kathleen Leddin is one of our most impressive Councillors is the very reason why I would have expected a bit more of her in this instance. I think it was slightly premature for her (and her colleagues) to be showering the developers with praise at this early stage in the planning process.

Actually justnotbothered, I have seen the plans and no im not relying on newspapers for information. I made it my business to go to City Hall and make up my own mind on the proposal instead of listening to developers constantly talking the project up. In fairness from what I’ve seen theres no doubt that the current proposal is far superior to what was initially planned but that dosent mean we have to accept it just because the developers were kind enough to re-draw their plans.

The proposal still has flaws and fair enough no new project is going to be 100% acceptable to everyone but parts of this project could still be improved. Im in favour of this development because I think its imperative for the continued viability of the city centre, I just dont want to see more historical streetscape needlessly demolished.

On Patrick Street the application involves a lot of facade retention as opposed to full conservation. This is not an ideal situation but its better than losing the buildings from the streetscape altogether. The gripe I have is why cant the builings on Ellen Street receive the same treatment? I dont agree with your stance in relation to Ellen Street at all. I believe if the buildings here (or their facades more likely) were rehabilitated and restored to something approaching their former glory, I think they would add significantly to the visual quality of the street and the opera centre as a whole. Although if you think a non descript plastic lump is preferable then thats your opinion.

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