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@Tuborg wrote:

Interesting to note how easily seduced Cllr Leddin was!:rolleyes: It has been reported elsewhere that one of the main reasons why the developers want to widen Ellen Street is to accomodate a service area. If Limerick City Council sanction the demolition of the Ellen Street buildings to facilitate this service area I think It’ll be the final nail in the coffin of proper planning in Limerick. The developers insistence that these buildings “have to be demolished” is absolutely laughable. The only reason they’re spouting this nonsense is to suit their own agenda, they couldnt be arsed repairing these buildings and instead want to inflict this substandard design on us to squeeze in a couple of extra square metres of retail space.

Even if LCC give this the go-ahead in its current form (which is extremely likely), its almost certain that it’ll go forward to An Bord Pleanala. This would add another year to the saga, something which is totally avoidable. I really cant understand Regeneration Developments logic here, their whole attitude smacks of sheer ignorance and arrogance. If only they would adhere to ABPs original stipulation a line could be drawn under this sorry saga.

Considering Cllr. Leddin is one of the ones who’s against the development at Westfields, Cleeve’s Bank, the Boat club, the complete removal of Arthur’s quay park, the Hilton, the building in the People’s Park, and the continuing mixed messages over the Regeneration of the estates, and has spoken out on the need to maintain working docklands in the city you could have picked a better target for your ire. if anything, she is too protective of the old city.

You haven’t seen the plans, nor do you know what’s being saved or removed, your post is ignorant at best.

I have seen some them, and no, they’re nothing to write home about, but neither is Ellen street in it’s current state, even if it was fully restored, there’s every chance it would retain it’s dreary run down demeanour as it was never well built in the first instance.

Have you seen what they are proposing Tuborg, or are you basing everything you know on newspaper reports?

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